How WD GANN Became A Legend Stock & Commodity Trader?

In a recent Futures Magazine issue, Jeff Greenblatt explains how he was able to correctly predict the Brexit using WD GANN System. Brexit was making many traders and investors nervous. Nobody knew how the market would react. On the day of voting things were simply unclear. Then the mist of confusion started clearing and exactly at that time, a huge wave started in the markets and it lasted for only  few hours.  We were expecting a huge gap so stayed away from the market. Later on it was a feeling of regret. Everything was on the charts. It was so easy only if we had the traded it.

Brexit Winner Is WD GANN

Jeff Greenblatt writes in his article that he had correctly analyzed how DAX would react to Brexit and informed his newsletter readers well in time. You can read his article in which he explains how he used WD GANN system to predict Brexit market move. William Delbert Gann is a legend in the world of stock and commodity trading. WD GANN is famous for his method of technical analysis that reputedly made him a fortune.You can watch the video below that gives an introduction to his methods for predicting the market.

William Delbert Gann is perhaps the most mysterious of all the famous traders in history…. Known for using geometry, astrology and ancient mathematics to predict events in the financial markets and even historical events, Gann’s trading strategies are still widely used today, 60 years after his death in 1955.

There are skeptics who claim WD GANN made no fortune as has been pointed out in the end of the above article on Investopedia. Whatever the skeptics say, WD GANN still have many followers today who use his methods to make predictions on financial markets as pointed out at the beginning of this post.  In the Chat With Traders episode recording below listen to Tim Walker and how he uses WD GANN methods in trading.

In the above Chat With Traders episode you learn how one trader fell in love with GANN and his system from the very first day and how he still believes in his methods passionately.

WD GANN Square of 9 Wheel

You must have understood by now. WD GANN methods are not easy to understand. You will need a few months of hard study if you really want to understand and apply his method to your trading. Below is another good introduction to WD GANN Square of 9 Wheel.

Below is another good video that provides an introduction to GANN Square of 9:

How To Use Astrology In Trading?

Astrology has been used by humans in all sorts of things. Why not use it in trading? GANN relentless research convinced him that astrology was the answer in predicting the financial markets. According to his discoveries position of sun and moon had a major influence on the stock market ( we can say all financial markets). Some people claim that WD GANN had correctly predicted the stock market crash of 1929. But before you start buying expensive courses on WD GANN, you should watch the above videos carefully and try to understand his method. Only buy courses when you are convinced that his methods are going to really help you in becoming a successful trader. Watch the video below in which you learn how to apply astrology to trading using his methods.

Now we can compare the prediction that were made by GANN with alchemists of our times also known as the Quants. It would be an interesting study by the academics to compare quantitative methods as being used by quants with GANN methods and pass a verdict on which methods are better in predicting the financial markets. This is a detailed pdf presentation in which a trader explains how he traded the September 11, 2001 market crash using WD GANN system. Well astrology does work. The presentation contains detailed screenshots of charts and a screenshot showing the positioning of the moon and the earth and the sun. So you never know anything can happen. Quants are just not able to make any good predictions with their advanced mathematical methods. Why not learn WD GANN System and start applying his methods in trading and see if we can make some good profits.

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